Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Blessing of the Kitchen Garden

How fun it is to be growing a kitchen garden! Rubbing the Lemon Balm between your fingers to release the intense lemony scent just makes one happy! Our visiting neighbor cat invariably climbs the fence when she hears me out there in the early mornings and makes a beeline for the lemon catnip. The simplicity of such things warms the heart!

Smelling the Munstead Lavendar as I work is the equivalent of aroma therapy! My favorite drink of choice right now is ice water with a spring of Lavendar floating in it. Try it and you'll feel the relaxation seep into you. Make sure you rub the lavendar a bit between your fingers before you float it in the water. This releases the oils and scent to waft freely as you sip.

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